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Guided Startup

We aim to provide your company with a smooth transition into DocketManager. Detailed documentation, step by step tools, and Account Managers are available to ensure you get all the guidance and training you need.

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Guided Startup

Account Managers

Here to help. Connect with your Account Manager for support, in-depth training, and initial system setup. On site setup/training is also available.

Step by Step Guide

Built-in tools like our step by step guide ensures your company can get up and running quickly and easily, so you can start leveraging DocketManager’s extensive features.


Video demos and DocketManager’s ever growing knowledge base is here to ensure you take full advantage of all the features DocketManager offers.

Customer Information

Customer Information

DocketManager consolidates all of your customers’ information into a single view. Take advantage of advanced customer search, grouping and categorizing options, as well as quote/order tracking, and much much more.

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DocketManager keeps track of all of your customer’s quote and order history making it easy to reorder items, and provide an in-depth look at your customer retention and order patterns.


An integral component of DocketManager, email communications, keeps you connected to your customers. Built on a template platform, email communications feature full HMTL support, auto-replaced variables, automated generation, and full archiving. Send a wide variety of emails from shipping notifications, order confirmations, invoices, statements, and more.

Location Mapping

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, tracking down customers’ locations and driving directions are just a click away.


Track all your orders with ease and ensure nothing gets overlooked. DocketManager’s workflow tools give you the flexibility to manage orders the way your company wants, and the power to further streamline your processes.

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Create automated rules to control how orders flow through DocketManager. Even customize your order types, and departments according to your organization’s workflows.


Free up time by assigning tasks to employees. Add due dates and notes, set status, and even create recurring tasks.

Order Due Options

Ensure orders are completed on time with customizable order due options. DocketManager gives you the control to dictate how orders are scheduled and when they need to be completed.

Bulk Actions

Managing a high volume of orders can be a very time consuming task. Bulk actions speed up the process allowing multiple order items to move between departments with a single action.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Increase sales and improve customer retention with personalized online ordering. Empower your customers and allow them to quickly and easily customize, proof, approve, and pay for their own orders anytime, anyplace.

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Individual Branding/Promotions

Brand your online ordering site with your logo or your customer’s. Target individual customers and enhance relationships with promotional messages and artwork.

Payment Gateways

Allow customers to order on account or pay for orders during checkout using PayPal or Avilon credit card processing.

Integrates with Workflow

Orders placed online by your customers seamlessly integrate directly into DocketManager’s customizable workflow, ensuring no order is left behind.


Save your customers time and reduce reorder mistakes with online ordering and template prefills. Extremely useful for customer ordering things like multiple business cards for different people, or letterhead/envelopes for different office locations. Prefills give your customers the ability to save content on any editable templates, ensuring this order is the same as the last.

Editable Templates

Reduce the workload on your designer, streamline the order process, and empower your customers. Easily create interactive, editable templates so your customers can start creating their own print-ready artwork directly online.


Improve customer retention with discounts and incentives for ordering online. Easily apply one time credits and discounts to individual customers. Offer percentage discount incentives that customers can choose to apply on their next order.


DocketManager’s accounting tools help you get paid faster and stay profitable. Keep track of past due accounts, generate invoices and statements, track sales and commissions, create deposits, and utilize in-depth revenue breakdowns.

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Track sales rep performance and volume, view current and past order commissions and commission payouts.

Revenue Breakdowns

Analyze in-depth revenue breakdowns tracking costs, sales, and profit for a wide range of categories, but with the flexibility of boiling down to individual items such as specific stocks and presses.



Start strengthening your customer relations and increasing order volume, give your sales staff the tools they need to succeed. DocketManager’s sales tools allow for easy phone/visit follow-up scheduling, location mapping, commission tracking, and customer sales area sorting.

Job Templates

Reduce errors and save time with Job Templates. Create detailed templates that control a wide range of settings from press, stock, inks, size, department items, in-depth pricing scales, and more. DocketManager’s job templates will streamline your order process.

Job Templates

Reporting Tools


Ensure your business is running smoothly. Whether creating an invoice, stock summary, or breaking down sales data, DocketManager’s reporting gives you a wide range of control and flexibility that provides a true in-depth look at your company.

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Document Templates

DocketManager’s documents are built on a template platform that saves you time and ensures consistent branding across all your reports. With customizable template creation, full html support, and replace variables, your data is at your fingertips.

Document Variables

Document variables work directly with document templates and give you full control to customize the data you’d like to analyze and dissect.

Intelligent Estimating

Harness the power of DocketManager’s intelligent estimating, and quickly create consistent orders that are more precise than ever. An extensive list of options, variables, and pricing scales ensures estimates are always calculated accurately, and secures your company’s profit margins.

Intelligent Estimating

Inventory Management


Avoid supply chain hiccups and ensure your production floor stays running. Overstock and out of stock items are a thing of the past with DocketManager’s inventory monitoring, purchase order creation and internal order tracking.

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Template Inventory Orders

Ensure items for your customers or company are always in stock. Track current inventory locations and levels, monitor balances and prepaid items, and create inventory replenish or depletion orders. When the time comes, your customers also have the ability to reorder online based on the reorder levels you set.

Built-in Time Tracking

Keep track of billable hours, and ensure your business’s profitability, with Built-in Time Tracking. Start/Stop timers in DocketManager lets you log time you spent on a job, add notes, and ensures billable time isn’t slipping through the cracks.

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Built In Time Tracking


Generate Graphic Time Reports

Stop wasting time crunching numbers and tracking down billable hours. The Graphic Time report in DocketManager allows you to quickly generate a detailed breakdown of the time your employees are spending on each job.

Marketing Tools


Manage campaigns more effectively with DocketManager’s marketing tools. Centralize all aspects of complex campaigns, generate variable data for mailing lists, and export mailing lists.

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Contact List

Manage contact information, quickly generate mailing lists for printing variable data and export mailing lists.

Security Roles

Create customizable security roles to specify what users can see and do within DocketManager. Maintain control of your company’s information and the employees that have access to it. After all your business is your business.


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