Willamette Print & Blueprint

David Guzman


"You listen and sincerely try to assist us in our business. I appreciate that DM is constantly evolving and that you implement customer suggestions!"

The Company

Willamette Print & Blueprint (WP&B) is an all-inclusive print service provider serving Oregon and Southwest Washington’s design and building community. Established in 1975, WP&B utilizes the latest digital technologies to provide a wide range of reprographics and graphic imaging services. Available services range from electronic document management, color digital imaging, photocopying, CAD plotting, and high-speed large format printing.

The Challenge

Utilizing several previous systems and process, David Guzman, Vice President, and his team were struggling with access to information and matching quoting with existing orders. As described by David, “We needed to improve our estimating and CRM systems.” They
began looking for a web-based product with online ordering and CRM that also included billing and production management.

After 2-3 years of searching, a referral from a current user, and reviewing their options, David and the President, Neil Humphrey, chose DocketManager. They liked the fully integrated online ordering, estimating, production management, inventory control and CRM that DocketManager offers.

The Solution

The WP&B team took advantage of DocketManager’s assisted setup and onsite training package. Once the DocketManager support team had the site setup, the onsite training team travelled to Oregon to assist David and the team at WP&B with the implementation. Although they needed to be flexible with some of their current processes, they were able to successfully implement the system in 6 months and have now been live for 4.

After using the product regularly, they have found the reordering very helpful and use it often. The sales and executive team have seen an improvement in the access of information and billing flexibility has become a favorite part of the product. They hope
to get the online ordering portion implemented in the near future and expect that it will lead to an increase in revenue.