Robert Haller


"DocketManager has taken things to an even higher level. I can tell you that DocketManager provides excellent customer service."

The Company

After operating out of two locations nearly 1500 miles apart for over 5 years Monarch Graphics transitioned from 2 totally independent MIS systems to DocketManager on January 1st 2014. Since DocketManager is a true web based system each location now has real time access to information just as if we were working out of a single location. This is important because all of our creative work and wide format printing is done at one location while our offset printing is produced at the other.

The Challenge

One of the other challenges we faced was keeping 2 separate A/R lists. DocketManager has eliminated this and has taken things to an even higher level. Without having to run reports you are about to see crucial information such as the dollar amount of your work in progress, the amount of money owed to you in total, over 90 days, over 60 days, over 30 days, and what is current. DocketManager even goes as far as showing you the customers and balances sorted from highest to lowest in each of these categories. DocketManger makes it easy to email statements and even keeps track of the dates and times email communications were sent to your customers. You can even set a follow-up date that will automatically remind you of things that need your attention.

Monarch also makes good use of the timer feature for designers. DocketManager keeps track of the time spent in the design process and automatically calculates the price based upon a predetermined hour rate set by the user. What you choose to bill your customer is as easy as a quick override but at least you know how much time is being spent. After using it for over 6 months now we are billing most of the customers actual time. By running a simple report you can even see how many billable hours each of your designers have logged in a specific period of time. If you never had a report like this it could be a real eye opener.

The Solution

Using DocketManager has help Monarch reduce their A/R balance by about 30% in the first 6 months. People are paying faster because they are now being notified faster when their account becomes past due.

As far as software companies go everyone knows that some companies provide very good customer service and some not so good. I can tell you that DocketManager provides excellent customer service. I have spoken to the team at DocketManager numerous times over the past few months and am involved in beta testing new releases. While beta testing is not for everyone I can honestly say when problems do a rise they are on top of it and usually have it resolved in a very short period of time.

It is for these and many other reasons that I recommend you take a look at DocketManager if you are considering changing your MIS system. If you pay sales commissions you are going to love how commissions are recorded and paid in DocketManager. This is just another example of how DocketManager has taking a time consuming task and made it easier.