KKP Calgary

Tim Aucoin


"I could go on and on about the features we love, but really, the team at DocketManager have thought of everything... and they are constantly improving it when feature requests are presented to them."

The Company

Tim Aucoin has been in the printing industry since 1981 and has been with the KKP family since 1984. As shown by recent achievements such as Franchisee of the Year, Tim understands how the industry is changing and the importance of running efficiently in today's marketplace.

Tim moved to Calgary in 1988 and purchased KKP Calgary with Bruce Rosser in 1991. "I love Mac computers, photography, and am just starting to get into scuba diving!", says Tim.

The Challenge

Prior to using DocketManager, we were using an antiquated pricing/business management software that was in the process of attempting to "modernize itself" in order to meet the demanding needs of its' users.

As it turned out, it was the same old software, simply with a different look (and new problems).

The Solution

DocketManager has freed us of so many restrictions and is now allowing us to run our business in a more logical way. The template based approach that DocketManager takes not only helps jobs flow smoother through the system; it also helps prevent mistakes in pricing and makes inconsistency a thing of the past. The future of our business (or any business for that matter) lies in the ability to take our customers on-line for a smooth, easy shopping experience and DocketManager makes it so easy to offer that experience to our customers. From setting up static and variable on-line templates, to accepting and processing on-line orders, DocketManager covers all the bases!