Version 2.24

New Features

  • Graphics cost
    • Can now set your employee’s hourly wage
  • Lock to Square Footage
    • Can now lock a Department Item to square footage
  • Press Edit Calculator
    • Can now check if a Press is calculating correctly.
  • External Identifier
    •  Can hover over Customer # in Customer Edit or Order Edit to view

Version 2.23

  • General Performance increases
  • Application Codebase Optimization
  • Bug Fixes

Version 2.22

Version 2.22 is a release to accommodate the new hardware and server setup that DocketManager is migrating to.

All the new “features” of this release are under the hood and invisible to you.

December 12th to the 15th is when we plan on migrating everyone to the new server setup. There may be intermittent access throughout the weekend, but we are working diligently to ensure minimum downtime throughout this time.

Version 2.21

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • General Performance increases
  • Additional warnings for GL & Revenue Breakdowns

Version 2.20

New Features

  • Sales Page updated
    • Speed Increase
    • Updated UI
    • Two new tabs – Outstanding Sales & Projected Sales
  • Fiscal Year End Setting
  • Outstanding Sales
  • Projected Sales
    • Similar to Outstanding Sales
    • Can input what your estimated sales are
    • It then tells you how far away from your projection you currently are
  • Added Transit # & Item Count to Deposit Tickets
  • New Note System
    • Notes have been removed from Graphic Timer for speed improvements
    • DocketManager now ships with 5 note categories (Graphic, Shipping, Bindery, Generic & Invoice)
    • Notes have been removed from the Order Item and replaced with the ‘New Note’ tool
    • Note Article
  • Department Items
    • On Order Item, Department Items now open in a modal window
  • New Catalog button in Navigation
    • Maintenance > Online Ordering > Catalogs
    • Clicking this button shows you all catalogs in online store
  • Can now delete Shopping Carts and Quotes
    • Can delete from Quotes page and Customer page

Bug Fixes

  • General Performance increases